Small black dog sitting beside a pool
Stella, taking the air while keeping an eye out for marauding cats.

Today the dog is my best friend. A sudden cold landed me home sick, so I am here to let her out to take the air, and to chase cats, and to let her back in so she can take naps next to me on the chair.

Since I am home, and don’t really have enough brainpower to do much, I spent the morning finishing up the housekeeping tasks that came along with moving my blog. As I started seeking out branches of my online identity that needed updating as a result of moving blogs, I was amazed at how many branches that identity has. There was my Ravelry profile, and an e-mail account, and Facebook. Then I visited Etsy and discovered that account had all my old info, and somewhere along the line it occurred to me that a complete WordPress profile might look nice.

Once those things were done, I was only left with the big update: taking all the Blogger tags from my old blog that had been converted into categories upon their arrival in WordPress back into tags. If I was not a librarian, and did not have a thing about metadata, I think I could have left it. But I am, and I do, and the tag-categories were driving me nuts. I am sufficiently obsessed that I even considered building an ontology. Thankfully, my common sense took over, and I just switched the categories to tags.

There is an easy, automated way to do this (check out the link at the bottom of the Categories page). However, I opted to make the switches manually, deciding which tags really were categories, combining and renaming tags to make them more accurate, and removing all the dead tracking code from the bottoms of the pages. It took all morning, and all my energy (proof positive work was not a good idea), but it’s done!

Check out the category cloud down at the bottom of the page: all the categories are broad and general, encompassing the general topics into which my posts fall. Specific places, books, yarns, and pattern titles are addressed by the tags. Of course, I already know where everything is: how does the new organization work for you?

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