Week 7: Leaves

Saturday, I went for a hike with Hermanita. The day was damp and overcast–we got rain the next day–so all the leaves were at their best. Everything was so fresh and alive that I went a little crazy with the macro setting on my camera.

We caught the little green fuzzies–I don’t know what they are, but they have carpeted the mountain–in the act of blooming:

There was the obligatory creosote…

And brittlebush, soft and sage-colored:

The ocotillos, which are usually only spiky stems, had gorgeous, emerald green leaves…

Even the leaves on the bursage, which are normally sad, crumply little things, looked quite vivacious.

And let’s not forget the lace leaves! The body has been worked up to the armholes, and is now waiting patiently as I figure out how many stitches I need for the cuffs of the sleeves.

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