Week 6: Rain, Rain

A persistent rain kept me from a walk this morning, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the sun of summer. It made hunkering down with a cup of coffee, the dog, and some Death Cab (perfect rain music) all the cozier.

And knitting–can’t forget the knitting. I retrieved the Lace Leaf Pullover from my knitting basket on Saturday when I ran out of yarn on my commissioned project (remind me to reveal that), and I’m already past the little leaf motif (which I am quite taken with) and on to the rounds of plain stockinette for the body. When you’ve got a mountain of discussion posts to read, it’s nice to have something simple in your hands. If I had the time to watch my knitting, the yarn (Twisted Sisters Jazz) would be entertainment in and of itself. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with a handpainted yarn, and it’s fun to watch the color variations come into the fabric and layer atop the shades from the previous round.

But I’m going to have to forgo knit-watching for a while here–we’ve just passed the first quarter of the semester, and things are starting to speed up!

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