Temporary Madness

Fall semester has started, and with a full load of classes, I feel like I’m officially a grad student. Ahhhhh! I went on a finishing-up and cleaning-up spree this past weekend. The cleaning went well, the projects not so much. The scarf above (crummy picture–I was home alone with my camera) is the only finished object I’m really happy with, so let’s focus on that.

I’m calling it my movie scarf because I knit it almost exclusively while watching movies. They were all good movies–maybe that’s why the scarf had such good karma. I started it while watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (ooh!). Then there was Everything is Illuminated (which I’ve already praised), Food Inc. (tip: don’t get popcorn), and the original Sabrina (Bogart and Holden as good guys).

The pattern is Purl Bee’s Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf, and it really was easy. I used a worsted weight yarn–Berrocco’s Ultra Alpaca, which is wonderful to work with and very soft–so I had to adjust the number of sts cast on, but for once the adjustment went well.

This scarf isn’t for me, which makes me a little sad since I got attached to it after toting it around to all those movies. It’s going to a good place, though: the Red Scarf Project, an amazing charity that sends care packages to orphaned or fostered children who have entered college. They start accepting submissions September first, which gives me just enough time to wash the scarf (I wouldn’t send it off dirty!), write up a care label, and pop it in the mail.

More FO’s to come once I’ve gotten up the jam to write about a big mistake.

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