On a Roll

Shoulder-Warmer update: I gave it its first washing, and although a bit of the color bled onto my drying towel, the sweater itself is none the worse. Le amo.

Now in focus is a Swallowtail Shawl, the occasion Mum’s birthday.

I’m really enjoying the pattern–it’s the same basic body+fancy border as the Icarus. Any of you who have delved into lace before know that half the fun is watching the pattern take shape. It’s both math and art at the same time. Unfortunately, I just can’t get that into pictures of lace. I think part of the problem, particularly for shawls, is that the pattern is designed to be seen 1. blocked 2. as a whole, worn across the shoulders. On the needles, it’s both unblocked and bunched up. I have tried a variety of shots, but none seem to convey the excitement that is a shawl-to-be.

There’s the classic flat-on-the-bed shot:

Or the lace-stretching-to-the-horizon shot:

And then, it’s-a-nupp!:

None of which I find particularly scintillating. Alack. I’ll blame my camera and instruct everyone to follow the link above to Jared Flood’s amazing rendition. Just picture mine like that, except pink. And possibly a shade less perfect.

But just a shade ; )

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