I hate falling behind on blogging. I always feel like then I have to write something sparkling with interest to make up. Unfortunately, nothing that happened over the past three weeks strikes me as sparkling. The closest I can get is offering photos labeled in exclamations points.

The Palo Verdes bloomed!

My Pinwheel Blanket, aka the Fireball Shawl, is speeding along!

I should be committed to Easter giftlets! That’s the latest in the long list of distractions-that-have-been-keeping-me-from-blogging. I thought that I’d whip out a few little stashbusters to tuck among the paper grass and jellybeans, something quick and fun. Ha. I’ve Ravelled giftlet the first, but not giftlet the second because giftlet the second is two partial skeins in the depths of my stash. Giftlet the first is a monster in more ways than one, a little monster that has sucked up hours of my knitting time over the past two days. Today alone I have worked on it for over two hours, and my progress can be measured in under an inch.

Don’t get me wrong–the pattern is great, and it will look cute as a button tucked among brightly wrapped candies. But ye gods, this project epitomizes the warning: little ≠ quick to knit!

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