It’s a Bib!

Now all I need is a baby to put it on.

A few years ago I was knitting a baby blanket in a café and the girl behind the counter–a slight acquaintance–asked if there was anything she should know. This rawther irked me, because a) I am not overly enamored with children (nor they me) and b) I see no reason why you need to wait until there’s a baby handy to knit baby stuff.

Pattern: Petal Bib from One Skein.
Yarn: Cascade Pima Tencel in White Peach
Needles: my size 6 Clovers which are beginning to wear out at the tips.
This page has good instructions for wrapping stitches to hide the short-row shaping.

Texture note: make sure you keep the garter stitch going up the sides. Also, when you go to knit 3 together, don’t. It’s a purl 3 together. Not that I knitted three together for the first 3 decreases or anything, although if I had, I could tell you that Pima Tencel is really perfect for unzipping and reworking single stitches.

Note the gauge issue that causes the bib to go a bit wonky in the middle. I started it while we were watching The Maltese Falcon and falling asleep one afternoon, worked the middle on the bus, and finished it while we were watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and trying not to fall asleep. Ah well. The baby it ends up on will drool on it just as happily as if the gauge was perfect.

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