Happy Earth Day

My university surprised me: usually every day with a cause results in an onslaught of supporters and opposition on the campus, with everybody shouting, waving signs, and thrusting clipboards at you. There was none of that today–not even a bleak documentary scheduled to show on the big mall after sunset. I was rawther surprised, but I can’t complain; people with clipboards are to be avoided at all costs.

My contributions to the planet:

I took the bus to school…

Took class notes on recycled paper…

Ate my organic peanut butter sandwich I had packed in a little box (plastic, por desgracia)…

Recycled my Starbucks cup…

And took the bus home.

The Icarus is not the world’s best blog project. It looks like a dead woollen jellyfish the entire time it’s on the needles, which is usually considerable. Here are a few notes on this particular rendition:

I bought three skeins this time, not two, so we should avoid any unpleasantness
The color is “Polar Morn,” which is more in keeping with the color shown in the magazine.

And yes, this is another pictureless post. If you want to see pictures, check out what Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s up to.

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