Leap Year

A History of English assignment is looming over my shoulder, but I have to get a post in tonight; this is leap year manifest.

I used to love little trivia-type things like today. I suppose I still do, but as a full-time student part-time deskperson, it’s just not the same.

Forgive the melancholy, but I had my ego crushed this morning in a Dental Anthropology lab practical. Augh. I will be the first person to agree that one’s ego can always do with a poke, but here’s something to keep in mind: one’s ego is crammed in quite close to one’s spirit. Crush one and the other gets a bit bruised.

So as not to make this post really bleak, here’s a picture:

These have been my school knitting. My History of English professor (who abbreviates the class title most disconcertingly. Add “Language” to the title, acronym it, and see what you get) and Archaeology professor have both okayed knitting in class. Quant requires too much looking to do in class, so I’ve been knitting squares–to borrow a favorite phrase of the professor for Dental–ad nauseum. They chew through the yarn most encouragingly, and depending on the amount of new material in each lecture, I get get one done in a school day and a half. So far I’ve got six. At this point, completing *anything* gives me a little tweak of accomplishment, but by the same token, I do believe I’ve gotten to the point where starting a seventh would bring me ad nauseum.

Let’s see what I can dig out of the tote.

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