Citrus Season

Grapefruit tree laden with fruit below a bright sky

Welcome back, dear readers. The grapefruit tree is on a roll and we are eating them up as fast as we can in hopes we will make a dent before the massive juicing party that inevitably happens at the end of the season.

Speaking of things that are on the list of Arizona’s 5 Cs, kit preorders for the patterns in Handmade: Slow Fashion Inspired by Arizona’s 5 Cs are live! Kits for my Superlite Top are available in all nine sizes, and you can choose from the original Cactus Blossom/Cabinwood (pink and brown) colorway, or create the color combo of your choice! I recommend two high-contrast colors for a nice strong pop in the colorwork, Cottonwood Gin and Cabinwood or Nightfall and Barley would both be excellent combos.

Kits are also available for the other designs in the book, and I hope you’ll check them all out! Happy knitting!

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