Baby Surprise Jacket

Hello everyone, I have a new FO for you!

Knitted fabric partially obscured by bubbly water

This one was started on purpose in the summer, before the semi-accidental house, before the neverending story of repairs and renovation, before Peanut was a toddler of DESTRUCSHUN…wait, no, he’s been that for longer. My point is that I started this project before most of that went down, and never got around to blogging it.

So here I was with this hard project, one that I had started knowing it was about the product, not the process, and I didn’t have a platform to discuss it. Ok, and also complain about how hard it was. As you may have noticed, I am generally here for the process, as much if not more so than the product.

Updating our house was time-consuming and and so was my project. Packing was exhausting and so was my project. Peanut was burning through my emotional energy and so was my project. I felt like I had put all my irons in the fire already and then needed to keep finding more.

My anxiety was running high, I got a dose of depression. I’m pretty sure “If only I was doing all this while mildly depressed” is something that has been said by no one ever. My usual coping strategies—sleep, quiet, extra knitting time—were sidelined by the move and a needy toddler. Complaining in real life wasn’t even helping much because I was pretty sure this project would never be done, we’d never move, and Peanut would be a toddler forever. (Side note, he might be)

Then suddenly, two weeks early, my huge project was over.

And I’ll never enjoy the process, but I do love the product.

Welcome, Dollop. We are so happy you’re here.

New baby laying on a lawn in a Baby Surprise Jacket

10 responses to “Baby Surprise Jacket”

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad everything came together and we made it through but I won’t be looking to take on any more big projects anytime soon!!!

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