Bottom of the Bag

Goodness–where have the weeks gone? One minute I was furiously knitting Mother’s Day gifts and the next it was August.

Some kids are already back in school in Phoenix, which I simply cannot wrap my head around. We are still in the throes of summer, weather-wise, and we will remain so for another month at least. It doesn’t seem right to my Midwest-trained brain to be going back to school until there’s a chill in the early morning air.

Yarn has come and gone from the stash, and projects have been knitted, but at the moment it’s all a bit jumbled together like the contents of my project bag at the end of a project. In the photo up above we have a classic example. A shawl that had been living there for about a year, and when I finally bound off I found the following in the bag:

  1. Leftover yarn from the project but not all the leftover yarn from the project
  2. A notions bag containing notions that do not normally live in that bag but that also were not used for the project
  3. Hearing aid batteries (why not)
  4. Yarn from an entirely different project
  5. Single sheet of scrap paper
  6. Neither the pattern for the project nor the page protector used for the project pattern, which are in the house in two totally different locations
  7. Lint
  • Oh and the project bag had to be washed because it had a coffee stain that might have been from the time Peanut pulled a cup of cold coffee off my dresser (fun fact: dresser drawers are not watertight) or just from me spilling coffee myself.
  • While I get myself sorted enough to write a real post (and maybe put that yarn away), tell me in the comments: do you find random thumbs in your bag after a project is done? Or do you know the secret of maintaining a tidy project bag? If it’s the latter, please share, because I could use some help in that department!
  • 4 responses to “Bottom of the Bag”

    1. I have 3 Project bags. 2 are small (just hold the current on-the-needles and next ball of yarn if I’m close to the end) and the third is larger… and more like yours. No coffee stains, but plenty of lint and assorted randomness from both finished and unfinished projects. I’m TRYING to get to just one project on-the-go but it’s hard (some projects just don’t travel well) and the aim to sort-out the big project-bag was a 2016 Resolution….. [hangs head in shame]

      • Good to know that the lint is universal! 😉
        Keeping the number of projects down is super tough! I know I have a year’s worth of knitting in UFO’s…have you ever tried joining a KAL just for UFOs? I’ve seen a few over the years but always get distracted before I can join in 😆

    2. I have so many project bags. I only use about 3 of them though. I always find random things in them. I found a class schedule of students from 3 years ago in one of the bags last week. I found a skein of sock yarn in another project bag just a couple of days ago. I have been wanting to use that yarn to see if I like it but could not find it. Now I know why. There always seems to be bits of paper and usually a cough drop wrapping or two in all my bags. I can normally find stray stitch markers as well as pencils in them too. It’s like having a treasure chest.

      • I like that—a treasure chest! 😉 I like when I find tickets or a program for an event I attended, it’s fun to remember all the places the project has been before it’s even finished!
        Hope you’ve got that rediscovered skein of sock yarn on the needles 🙂

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