Me Made May – Slow Fashion Edition

Hello everyone!  Spinning practice is continuing at a moderate pace while I dip into Me Made May.  I actually learned to sew long before I knew how to knit: my mom taught my sisters and I how to hand sew and machine sew as children.  We made a few jumpers (90’s!) and helped make our Halloween costumes growing up, but then I fell out of sewing in high school and college.

Now, the urge to sew strikes me about twice a year, once at random and once in Me Made May.  Last year, my one accomplishment was an Endless Summer Tunic.  I absolutely adore the fabric I used for it, but managed to botch the seam allowance (3/4 instead of 1/2 inch makes a big difference) so it will have to be taken apart entirely before it fits me properly.  This year, I highlighted over the box containing seam allowance instructions with bright yellow colored pencil and am trying again:


Wish me luck!

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