Not as Advertised

Greetings, dear readers, from the end of a long, dark weekend.  Here in Kansas we were promised an ice storm of epic proportions that would rage on from Friday night to at least Sunday night.  What we got was a cloudy but utterly dry Saturday followed by a Sunday with steady but mild rain.  While the rain did freeze upon hitting the ground, it was a messy slush rather than a thick hard casing.  Today the rain continued, and was notable only in its consistency, a rarity for Kansas weather, rather than its volume or ferocity.

This weekend’s knitting was also less dramatic than hoped.  I’ve been knitting a Still Light Tunic since last February, and as of Friday all I needed to complete the body was an inch of ribbing and then I could zip along to the sleeves and pockets, and maybe start a new project, a gift with a due date, before the week kicked in.

I tried it on Saturday evening.  The colorblocking fell a little farther down than I had intended and it was a bit snug around the hips, to borrow a dressmaker’s term, but knitting stretches and better to do the ribbing and try on again before I got carried away with my perfectionism.

Sound ominous?  I was convinced I could live with the imperfections  until I came up with an extra stitch for the 2×2 ribbing.  This led me to count the stitches separately for front and back.  To my dismay, I had a full 20 stitches more on the front than the back, when the pattern states they should have the same count after the pockets.  I counted again and was sure.  The dress had been snug about the rear because it was almost four inches smaller than it should have been for my size.  Why?  Because I had misread the directions and left off four increases in one of the decrease rounds.


I can and have gone to great lengths to convince myself that projects will work when they won’t at all, especially when a year of knitting is at stake.  And because I’ve done this enough times, I know that I’m never as ok with the outcome as I try to convince myself.  So yesterday out it came, nearly 20 inches of body and over 1,000 yards of yarn.  An inch of blue came out, too, and now my dress is a pitiful little bodice but at least I can say the colorblocking hits where I want it to.

For the rest of this dreary night, Netflix and the wittens will be keeping me company.  This weekend may not contain my hoped-for finished object, but at the very least I can get myself back on track.

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