Let’s Commence to Coordinate our Sights

(Title thanks to the Decemberists)

Footsteps in fresh snow

Happy New Year to you all, dear readers!

Twenty fifteen was a big year. Querido and I got married. We explored our new home state. We were lucky enough to be able to join two sets of friends in celebrating their weddings, and sent our well-wishes to two others. There was a very sad goodbye.

And of course, there was knitting. So many large projects. Out of 33 projects knitted this year, there was a bed-sized blanket, two full-size shawls, and one sweater. Twenty-three projects were knitted for others. Almost five miles of that yarn came out of my stash.


Over nine miles came into my stash this year. Oops.

So I didn’t make my goal of not buying any yarn in 2015. Like not at all. But here we have 2016, fresh with a FO already in it, and lots of knitting time ahead.

We’ll leave lofty goals for later. Today, let’s just knit.

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