The Squirrels are Crazed

Querido and I were gone for a week–just barely–and when we returned, the weather had turned. Fall is here. The forecast suggests we may bump back up into the 80s next week, but I’m watching the squirrels. 

After keeping out of sight all summer, they are positively crazed now. Every day at work I see them everywhere: scampering up trees, down trees, across lawns, in front of cars. They are frenetically processing the bounty of our many trees, toting around mouthfuls of acorns and pinecones and assorted seeds whose names I don’t know.  They seem to think that the urgency to forage, eat, and bury their gatherings has suspended the laws of nature, that cars will see them better and stop faster when they pause in the middle of the road to consider where to stash their finds. 

Or maybe they’re just picking up bad pedestrian habits from the students. 

I have not taken to wandering into roads yet, but the weather has flicked on a little switch in my brain too. I am overtaken with a driving need to knit all the things: all the sweaters, all the hats, all the socks. First up: Querido’s sweater, which almost has two fronts.  Then maybe a sweater for me too, and some hats…

What are you knitting to stay warm?

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