Getting Things Done

Edited to add: I nearly forgot the blocking story on the tank! Scroll down for more

Today is a getting things done sort of day. Lots and lots of things. I was going to guilt trip myself about taking the day off until I realized that I have basically spent the entire day on cleaning, errands, job hunting, volunteer work, and homework. (Not necessarily in that order)

So no guilt trip here. I am very glad to have accomplished so many of the things that have been building up, and up, and up over the past few weeks, but how’s about a little brain break before delving into homework round two?

Finished objects!!!

Last weekend, I achieved that rare trifecta: Querido, finished objects, and camera.

First was my Holla Back Tank.

Girl wearing a teal knitted tank top
I squint in the very-bright sun.

Why did this take me two years to knit? If I was going to be very, very honest, I would have to tell you it was because of the seams. Is that sad or what. If you do not have Extreme Seaming Phobia, this tank is a very easy, quick knit. I modified the waist shaping to bring the waist down a little (which turned out to be totally unnecessary), widened the bottom band (looser version), but otherwise knitted it to pattern.

Detail of lace knitting on a teal tank top
Super simple lace!

Several knitters on Ravelry swapped out the lace pattern because the lattice pattern is “too hard,” but I found it very easy to follow.

Waist detail of knitted teal tank top
Eveningwear, obviously: the spangly buttons say so.

I knitted this top with nights out in mind (hence those spangly little foil-backed buttons), but even with the lace it does not scream I MAKE DRESSING LIKE A FLOOZY MY HIGHEST PRIORITY!!! (Thank goodness.) I have already dressed it down over a white oxford shirt, so I can vouch for its ability to transition into a pretty vest.

Teal tank top blocking while pinned to a cubicle wall
I totally clocked out to block my knitting with pushpins on the cubicle wall.

Edited to add: Towards the end, I started to go a little crazy on this tank. I mean, two years. After the seams, I became obsessed, crocheting on the neck edging until I fell asleep, and then soaking the whole thing in a big-gulp mug before pinning it to my cubicle wall during my lunch break. I was so beyond done with this tank, it had to be done–and darn it, I wanted to wear the thing before it was 100º. If you can do the cubicle-blocking thing without your coworkers instigating an intervention, I recommend it. It totally works. (now back to the original post)

Full notes can be found on my Ravelry page here, but before you go running off, check it out: there are two sweaters.

Girl putting on a green pullover sweater over a knitted tank top
Two sweaters at once in 80º heat.
Girl putting on a green knitted sweater
That awkward my-sweater-is-not-quite-on moment
Girl putting on a green sweater
Ta-da! Ignore the unwoven-in end vying with the drawstring for attention.

Greenies! This is basically the big, bulky, snuggly green sweatshirt sweater I set out to make. It kept me warm at Midwinter Conference, and came back out a guest appearance during the weird little cold snap we had yesterday. The yarn has already pilled slightly, but it is so soft I forgive it. This sweater is so thoroughly finished in my book I can’t rehash the knitting of it for you, but if you have any questions, search this blog for the tag “Ease” or check out its Ravelry Project page.

Once there are FO shots, the sweaters are totally and completely done. I am trying to pull myself out of my betwixt-and-between funk with some new projects, but the startup is going slowly. What projects are keeping you busy right now?

10 responses to “Getting Things Done”

  1. The Holla Back is gorgeous!!! And looks amazing on you. And I love the sweatshirt–it looks so cozy and warm.

  2. Love both of these! And I’m exactly the same when it comes to seaming…I’ve had a cardigan on my needles for years that’s almost completely finished (maybe 5-6″ left on one of the front pieces; everything else is done) but there’s a lot of finishing, so I keep putting it off. I don’t want to seam it, I don’t want to add all the duplicate stitches (there’s a lot of that too) so I just let it sit on the needles. I know I’ll finish it some day, but it’s sort of embarrassing to think about how long it’s taken me to complete!

  3. I LOVE THAT TANK! It has such great details. I commend you on your workplace blocking job! That’s hilarious and so badass! I think it’s going to have to go in my warm weather queue. I’ve also been wanting to make myself an Ease. Yours is lovely!

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