Don’t Take Away my Librarian License

Mismatched knitting needles and needle cases
I have no idea how this happened.

Librarians are supposed to be these masters of organization, steel traps through which no amount of chaos shall pass. They create order out of the mess of human communication. As a librarian, I love order: most of what librarians spend their days doing is organizing, and that appeals to me immensely. Not only do I love it, I consider myself pretty good at it.

So I can’t really explain what I found when I went to get a circular needle for the lining of my Wallpaper Cowl. Out of a couple dozen needles, three were in their pouches. The rest were just jumbled together in the larger zippy bag they live in.


I quickly rectified the situation, or at least, I attempted to. The picture above shows what I had when I was “finished.” Three pouches and two circulars, none of which belong together. This is extremely puzzling, because the larger circular is brand new, so the pouch shouldn’t have had time to go astray. And I have four circulars currently in use, which makes the discrepancy even larger.

So I basically have no idea what happened. I swear I’m looking for the missing needles–and pouches!. Please don’t take away my librarian license.

6 responses to “Don’t Take Away my Librarian License”

  1. As a lifelong Library employee, now retired and trying DESPERATELY to catalogue all my books among the chaos that is “home” – I won’t touch your license, if you don’t point at mine… 🙂
    Yes, I’m late, but I just got here from Harlot – greetings to you!

  2. I have all my circular needles in two drawers in the dining room. I’m like a mad woman – tossing them left and right when trying to find the correct size. I need to find a better system! I worked in our Regional Library for over 10 years (as a shelver of the books – 4 hours a day – five days a week)… Very busy library – we used to have 30 shelvers. Now there are 15 (due to budget cuts)!!! Arghhh…. And now I volunteer one morning a week picking the books that people put on hold. Well, helping to do that as there are always pages and pages of holds!!

    Linda in VA

    • Yikes! I am so sad to hear when essential library services get cut instead of revamped to save money. It’s wonderful that you volunteer, and what a great way to get to know the library’s collection!

  3. Prrrgh…the first thing I do is throw away the pouches. Then, I cheerfully allow my circs, sigh, yes, ALL of them, to live in sin in what was once a legal-size document carrier. (Can you tell I lack basic librarian skills?) I know about the various needle organizing schemes; I’d rather knit. And, oh, the adventure in trying to find the exact needle I KNOW is in there…

    • Oh MY! You are quite adventurous! I would attempt to be carefree like that, and it would last about 20 minutes before I dug all the pouches out of the trash and organized everything again 😉

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