Wrong Side of Everything

The thing about Spring Break is that when you get back to work, you feel like the biggest slacker ever because you didn’t come in for five days while work needed to be done. But campus was closed, so going in to get work done wasn’t an option.

Since Monday, I have put in close to an extra work day trying to finish things, and it hasn’t really helped. (And, since everyone else has already asked, no, I did not relax much over the break and no, I did not finish any of the knitting projects I said I was going to finish.) On top of that, spring has arrived in Phoenix. Orange trees, acacias, and mesquites are blooming, and I have been really sick with allergies.

On the very kindly-intentioned advice of everyone who has seen me staggering around with handfuls of crumpled tissues, last night I took some allergy medicine. This morning, I woke up in a truly foul mood. That is when I remembered why I don’t take allergy medicine.

Everything since waking up has been wrong: clothes , breakfast, boxed lunch, and the fact that I still am completely allergic. I have the feeling that this will be one of those days that only gets better when it ends.

2 responses to “Wrong Side of Everything”

  1. I feel like allergy meds affect my moods in weird ways. Last year I tried to take Zyrtec for about a month and I think it made me feel really depressed. It’s not a listed side effect, but there were many accounts of that on the internet in various places.

    I also try to eat local honey through the year. I think that lessens, but doesn’t eliminate, my allergies. It’s a delicious alternative to medicine at least. Hang in there.

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