Leftovers from 2012

Wreath made of pink, white, and teal pom-poms
It looks so simple…

In my dream world, all my unfinished projects are wrapped up at the end of the year. In the real world, I they trail messily over into the new year. Right here, you are looking at my Christmas wreath. I finished it yesterday.

The inspiration came when I saw a pom-pom wreath at a craft fair in early December. I thought “How simple! I can do that!” Well, I could, but it took me far longer than I expected, cost twice as much as the ready-made one, and my apartment was coated with teeny bits of yarn and straw from the moment I started to the moment I finished. The color scheme was intentionally quirky, to go with my vintage-pink tinsel Christmas tree, but the cost of the wreath commits me to that color scheme for many years to come. It’s really adorable, exactly what I wanted, but my cold and the various annoyances that come with planning for a new semester and a conference, are making me feel uncharitable towards its fluffy cuteness. The one thing I am happy about at the moment is that, unlike the bought wreath I could have had in an instant for half the cost, this wreath, with its wool pompoms and straw backing, will biodegrade when it has reached the end of its life.

If you are tickled by the thought of a fuzzy wreath and are in a better mood (or have lots of small children at your disposal–they might not burn out on pom-pom making so quickly), my notes can be found on Ravelry.

Have fun. If you need me, I’ll be grumping about in my sweatpants with some tea and tissues.

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