I interrupted my regular schedule of knitting to whip up a quick Purl Beret for Monita.


Monita’s original request was for an all-burgundy hat. That color ran out pretty quickly, hence the gray, but I’m pleased with how the burgundy at the brim is a pop of color around the wear we’d face.

My go-to mod for this pattern is to knit the ribbing on a smaller needle than the body, and at Monita’s request, I added 1/2 inch to the length of the body for some added slouchiness.

With fall oh-so-close, I kind of had to knit a hat. Hats are the perfect tool to help pretend cool mornings extend into cool days, and that just outside, the leaves of the trees are turning colors. It may sound silly, but this kind of make-believe is what I need to get through these last weeks of highs hovering near 100 degrees.

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