At Long Last


I’ve had a long dry run on finished objects. For as long as it took me to complete, the romper was the youngest in a large pile of UFOs. Among the oldest objects in the pile was my rag rug.

The idea had come to me around the time of the release of the first Generation T book. I had a vision of myself in a cozy little bungalow, with yard sale furniture, vintage dishes, and a hand-crocheted rag rug in the bathroom. That vision remained vague, but persistent enough that I fished a dozen t-shirts out of the rag-bag and cut them into inch-wide strips (jersey knit is surprisingly difficult to work with).

Skip a couple years, during which a very large ball of t-shirt yarn marinated in my stash. Here I am in an apartment, and I needed a bath mat. Out the t-shirt yarn came. Crochet definitely isn’t my medium, but I can crochet a square, and that’s what I did. It’s pretty wobbly, but it’s a bath mat, and it has the Melba seal of approval, so I’m happy.

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