I Battle Vertigo

Young woman wearing a green knitted romper on a balcony
A sunny balcony would be the perfect place to wear a romper. If I didn’t fear heights.

The romper is done.


It’s amazing. This was not a hard project, really. I made it a bit harder than it needed to be by knitting it in a superwash yarn that would shrink after its first washing (I had to knit the whole thing bigger than I needed it, ergo I couldn’t try it on until after it was finished & washed), but even then. It should have been a speedy knit.

I’m just a dawdler.

Finally, finally, finally, I have the romper I could not live without, and it’s so comfy, it’s insane. My only mod was to skip the bust shaping, and I absolutely adore the finished product.

I am at a loss for words to describe this project. It went on much longer than it really needed to, and the thrill of finishing was sort of diminished by being absolutely rabid to have it off the needles. But I had to make the post special, so I chose a dramatic setting: my 10th floor balcony.

Young woman in a green knitted jumper on a balcony
We explore the set.

I’m scared of heights.

It was windy, and I was sure Melba would find a way under the railing, but attempting to explain to Querido my photographic aesthetic was a good distraction, and not only did nobody get blown over the rail to the street below, we got some good pictures.

For the romper, it was all worth it.

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