Let the Record Show…


That the Crescent Ballroom has hosted yet another terrific show. Las hermanas invited me to see the Mynabirds (with Deep Time opening), and we had a night of it. I had never heard their music, but I’ve long since learned that if las hermanas think a band is worth seeing, then it is.


They were right, once again. The opener, Deep Time, was a funky little (only two members!) bluesy band from Texas that reminded me of Michelle Shocked ca. 1987. A good opening band is something of a rarity in these parts, and Deep Time was good. Not only did they have good music and a strong and honest stage presence, they used the most awesome afghan as a drum cozy.

The Mynabirds took the bluesy theme further, with two amazingly rich-voiced female vocalists. Even though it was a Monday night, they gave an energetic performance. I was worried that they’d find the crowd too quiet, but lead singer Laura Burhenn thanked us again and again for our enthusiasm. After the show, Burhenn and fellow vocalist Rebecca Marie Miller came down to talk to the crowd. That is so rare, even in small venues, and such a treat.

They vowed to come back this fall. I can’t wait.

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