(Given up on Monday’s reference? Mr. Barkis from David Copperfield)

The White Rabbits are coming to Phoenix this Friday! I was thrilled when I found out: The White Rabbits’ second album, It’s Frightening is an absolute favorite of mine. “Percussion Gun” — “Lionesse” — “The Lady Vanishes” — the whole album is banging drums, thrumming guitars, and plinking pianos. Oh how I love it.

Because I am a little slow on the uptake whne it comes to following bands, it was not until I was checking the time for doors that I discovered that White Rabbits have a brand new album: Milk Famous.

Upon this discovery, I was positively transported. More drums! More guitar! More piano!!!

I sped over to YouTube for the single’s video and discovered my beloved White Rabbits’ sound had gone from this:

Percussion Gun

(my apologies for lack of embeddedness; embedding is not enabled for this video, but it is absolutely the one you must see)

To this:

They evolved. I may grow to love this new sound, but not until I get over the shock of it all.

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