Beware the Ides of march!  Unless, of course, you are my friend in France.  In that case, one should eat cake on the Ides of March!



I, for one, am rawther shocked it is already the middle of the month.  Last I checked, it was February.  But somewhere in that past month, I have knitted three little toys–the last of which is Lulu the Nautilus!

Although I couldn’t explain why, I firmly believe that Nautilus toys look best knitted in cotton.  This one is machine-washable cotton, to save the baby’s mother some angst, and, saving me some angst, came from The Stash.  I followed the Nautie pattern exactly, changing only needle size used.  And, of course, the eyes were embroidered by Hermanita.

An aside: everything I have knitted this year has come from The Stash.  There’s a chance it will become the theme of the year. What theme has your knitting taken thus far in 2012?

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