How to Knit a Hedgie Quick

White knitted hedgehog with purple spines

Knit it for a baby shower!

Nola the Hedgehog is number two in the trio of knitted toys I’m making on a deadline (Kiwi was the first). I have to say, I am a much more productive knitter when working on a deadline than when just working. This productivity sometimes compromises my sanity, like when I lost one of my knitting needles under my desk at work yesterday and nearly panicked before I found it again, but after lots and lots and lots of missed deadlines, I am getting a better handle on what’s possible.

Nola was knitted with the Smith pattern from Ysolda, using some Ornaghi Filati Merino Kind I had leftover from the Sweater I Never Intended to Make (but did) three years ago. I have knitted three Smiths now, and the only truly difficult thing about this pattern is remembering that the spikes are knitted on needles several sizes larger than those used to knit the body.

Note to self: Do not run out of house the next time you are knitting a Smith with a pair of straights for the spines in the same size as the body needles!!!

You would think that after I’d done that twice, the third time I’d remember, but no. Other than that small debacle requiring an emergency knitting needle run by Hermanita (muchas gracias, Hermanita), Smith is a relatively simple project with a simply adorable end result.

In the interest of fairness, I should say that Hermanita did the eyes. I am proficient at French knot eyes, but I totally fail at satin stitch. Thankfully, Hermanita is quite good at embroidery and willing to come to the rescue by doing adorably funny little faces for knitted toys. The way she does eyes always reminds me of the Play with Your Food books, and tempts me to keep the little creatures for myself.

But no, Nola is off to meet her new friend, and I am beginning the third installment of the trio.

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  1. […] We have talked about my thing for knitting weird toys for new babies before. If a president’s publicity stunt can make predators children’s toys, I see no reason why prehistoric and mythical creatures can’t be children’s toys too. I can whip out a Nautie in no time. My first blog post, as a matter of fact, featured a Nautie. The most normal thing I can manage is a hedgehog. […]

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