Hello, my name is Allison!  A librarian by training, I am always on the lookout for ways to bring a spark of the extraordinary to the everyday.  One of my favorite ways to keep life interesting is with a knitting project, but you might also find me traveling, baking, sewing, or binding books.

Everyone is welcome in this space.  You’re welcome to be, to speak your mind, and to disagree.  Please treat your fellow readers the way you want them to treat you.  If you feel this space is unwelcoming, I apologize, and am happy to receive feedback via the email below.

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll share your thoughts on how you keep the everyday from becoming commonplace, either in the comments or via email at antiquotidianblog AT gmail DOT com!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lisa Delafieldtiggerlild says:

    That cake looks gooood ! What is it and where did you get it ? Your little dog is soooo cute !!! So were the kittens! Hang in there with the music
    Love Lisa

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