The Hard Post

Scarlet globe mallow flower with some small insects insideHello all, I am checking in briefly to share my thoughts and feelings on the recent discussions of race, diversity, and inclusion in the knitting community.

I am sad to say that up until this winter I lived in a world where the most of the designers, dyers, and crafters I followed looked like me and it didn’t occur to me that was problematic.

That is not ok and I am sorry.

My Instagram feed, my biggest source of information on the crafting world, is now more diverse.

I have read the words of @su.krita, @thecolormustard, @ocean_bythesea, @astitchtowear, @keinhelm4, and @tina.say.knits, of @rachel.cargle and @laylafsaad, @kateo_sullivan and @ysolda.  They’re listed here by Instagram handle because that is where this conversation began, and where they have put in many hours of hard emotional labor.  Many of them have ko-fis–buying a coffee feels like a small thank you for all the work they’ve done, but it’s been good to have a way to tangibly thank them for their work.

Lots more self-education is needed—I’ll be hitting podcasts and books next—but by mid year my goal is to have educated myself enough to have a less scattershot plan for supporting diversity and inclusion in the crafting world.

More posts on this topic will follow (slowly, I do not expect to magically become a more regular blogger through this process), and my hope is that all readers will feel they are welcome to comment and engage in this space. If I have made any readers uncomfortable, I apologize, and if you or your allies are willing to offer feedback I would be grateful to have it so I can create a more welcoming space in the future.

Thank you everyone ❤

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